10 October 2011

01 June 2011

Tui on Flax # 2

Tui on Flax # 2, originally uploaded by paulusthebrit.

Via Flickr:
Tui on Flax #2 This photo is currently on display in the Otago Museum Otago Wildlife Photography Competition 2011 Exhibition.

04 April 2011

Layers of Gold

The PortraitCounting the CoinLook AwayReadingWoman Sitting Man StandingThe Game
The Ukulele PlayerBoy on StiltsOld Man SittingConcentrationWhere Is My Wallet?Friends
Held SafelySit With MeOne Of The CrewThe ReportersTime Goes ByThe Street
A Man and His Pipe

Layers of Gold, a set on Flickr.

This is a set of photographs from the recent "Layers of Gold" festival in Dunedin NZ, celebrating 150 years since the discovery of gold in Otago.

The Octagon was set up as a shanty town for the day to depict what life was like in 1861.

Paul S Allen

Via Flickr:
Layers of Gold

the marking of the discovery of gold in Otago 150 years ago (1861)

A short improv - Paul S Allen